Welcome to Palaeopoli Villas


As the fairy tale begins...
The complex is located on a hill in Paleopoli, the ancient city of Scandeia, which is surrounded by the sea where the Kytherian goddess Venus emerged. A unique setting full of images that attract every eye and excites the mind of the visitor. The smooth rotation of the landscape combined with the sophisticated decor of the rooms are the ticket for a magical journey into the world of the senses and the story!
Experience the most beautiful moments in a heavenly place…

The gardens and the plants

With great love we take care of the trees. Lots of  fruit trees, olive trees all along the gardens, many kinds of roses, flowers, herbs, bananas, bougainvilleas of many varieties and colors, most of them climbing next to or between the patios of the houses.

There is our one acre garden where one can find a healthy choice of fresh seasonal vegetables.

Βecause of our love for nature we compost so that the organic soil that will be created after a few months will be used in the gardens.

We like to collect old seeds and plant organic, free of pesticides, as we believe that  pure Food is medicine for our health.

The outdoor kitchen

The herbs and vegetables, we use to cook in our fully equipped and colorful outdoor kitchen.

Ηere we create beautiful dishes inspired by nature around us!

Available are two large built-in tables where one can dine under the huge carob tree which dominates and spreads its branches across the area, creating a unique shade and coolness in the summer months.

The kitchen is mainly used for organized retreats. There is  also a bbq and a traditional wood oven where we make fresh fermented bread and pies…

The Shala

It is located in a quiet area with great views of the beach and the fields of Palaeopoli!

We often organize yoga retreats or any kind of healing and holistic retreats with focus on the Good Life.

The outdoor space is 55 m2 and we offer yoga mats, pillows, blankets for relaxation, straps, bricks.

Massages are offered in either the rooms upon the guest’s request or in the outdoor area amongst the sounds of nature.


Inspired by the beauty of nature, the landscape of the area and feeling that a change of approach to life is imperative due to the conditions we live in.

We had the need to create the moments and experiences to connect with the energy given to us generously by everything surrounding us, just by observing them.

We believe that travel can offer experiences and beautiful moments, that is why we plan retreats on our premises, providing it for anyone wanting to approach this feeling.

More specifically, we work with people who inspire and love to share their knowledge.

We organize Retreats that focus on yoga, tai chi, dance, music seminars, and Ayurvedic diet .

Our Rooms